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RIP Restobar, Welcome Cafe de Paris

About a month ago my friend Kil and her husband were visiting from Brooklyn. One Saturday night she invited us to come hang out with them at the new Cafe de Paris. I had never heard of it before, but it turns out it opened several weeks ago at the spot that Restobar once occupied. For those of you not up to date with culinary politics in Jerusalem, Restobar was a popular non-kosher restaurant in Rehavia. A few months ago, the owners of the building told the restaurant they were no longer willing to rent to a non-kosher place so they had to change it up or move out. And that was the end of Restobar. I’d only ever been there once and have no idea if the food was any good, but as a matter of principle I was upset about its closing. Nonetheless, the city moves on and a new [kosher] place came to takes its place.

Here’s Kil’s review, which sums up pretty much exactly what I would’ve said:

In the former home of Restobar (RIP/ A”H) lives Cafe de Paris, a new, dairy, kosher cafe. Whether Jerusalem needs a new kosher cafe is debatable. Losing Restobar is definitely a loss. BUT judging Cafe de Paris on its own merits, it’s a nice spot. The new owners were smart enough to leave well enough alone in the lovely patio area. There is a sports bar, which keeps the TVs away from the rest of us. Everything that we ordered, from the mundane mozzarella toast to the cheese-stuffed-and-splattered zucchini, was tasty and fresh. The prices are competitive and it’s still a good meeting spot in between Nachlaot, center of town, and Baka/ Germany Colony.cafedeparis

I’ll just add that the restaurant is owned by the same guys that own Grand Cafe on Derech Beit Lechem, which was immediately apparent from the style of the menu. (I mean that literally – the layout/design of the physical menu is exactly the same, but to their merit the offerings are totally different.)

I’ll also mention that the cheese-stuffed-and-splattered zucchini was such a delightful surprise. When I ordered zucchini with cheese I expected zucchini slices with cheese, sort of like a caprese salad but with courgettes instead of tomatoes. What we got was so much more interesting and fun. And delicious.


3 comments on “RIP Restobar, Welcome Cafe de Paris

  1. C
    July 4, 2013

    sad that restobar closed even though i keep kosher and would have never eaten there its sad it was forced out the last thing jerusalem needs is more kosher restaurants

  2. gabby
    July 10, 2013

    Shame that Restobar closed down! Shame on you Nir Barkat for allowing this to happen who wants to live, study or work in Jerusalem. Tel Aviv here I come.

  3. Livia
    February 16, 2014

    I still lament Restobar.It was such a nice place with good food and great atmosphere. It was close to Kings hotel where we stay once in awhile and could have there dinner on Erev Shabat.

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